About Us

At Aasha KI Kiran Foundation our focus remains on the Attitude and Behavior of the patients under treatment with us, they learn new way of living their lives without the dependency on drugs and Alcohol. Here patients are taught how they can fulfill their responsibility to lead a successful and productive life away from the curse of Drug and Alcohol Addiction. We follow a 12 step programme at our Rehabilitation Centre which is recognised World Wide for the treatment of Drug, Alcohol and other Beahvioral Disorders

We are Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre loacted in New Panvel, Navi Mumbai, and provides best facilities for treatment of Drug De-addiction and Behavioral Disorders to patients of all age groups and all streams of Society. We have a professional team Doctor’s, Psychiatrist, MSW, Practical counsellor and others in house staffs who under the guidance of our MD Mr. Bashir Qureshi who himself is a Recovering Addict and his wife Mrs, Noorajahan Qureshi, MSW, treat patients through classes, sessions, counseling, yoga, Meditation amd bring them out of their self destructive behavior and obsession for drugs.

Our focus is on healthy life of patients so the activities we follow me mentally, Physical as well as spritually beneficial. Here the patients learn to follow a daily routine to waking up early and going to bed early and eat a balanced and nutritious diet which keeps them healthy so they recover mentally as well as physically while under treatment at Aasha Ki Kiran Foundation. The Activities we follows include Classes, Sessions, Counselling, Yoga Meditation along with Entertainment and Extra Curricular Activities

Activities like Indoor and Outdoor games which are very beneficial for their overall development The Accomodation provided is both A/C and Non A/C, separate rooms , common Dormitories, depending on the requirement of the patients